Youth Connect now has a new home:

Today, I am excited to share that we have got a new home for Youth Connect at Our previous domain name – – was great (not really), but we hated when people referred to our brand as “Youth Connect Mag”.


We bought at the first place back in the day because at that time, roughly around 2010, .com meant everything. In retrospect, it was silly how we never even considered the possibilities of .in, .co and several other top-level domains.

I would be lying if I said that we didn’t wish to change the site address sooner.

But that’s not just it.

We secured sometime in late 2014 and used the last few months to completely revamp our technology core. We went on to rebuild Youth Connect’s digital infrastructure from the ground up and have made it capable of handling thousands & thousands of concurrent readers, and then some more!

The journey of Youth Connect has been an incredible one for everyone who has been associated with the brand. While the idea of Youth Connect was seeded way back in 2010, we started off as a small media unit, publishing a print monthly every month, in 2012. In August 2013, we launched Youth Connect’s digital platform, setting a new milestone.

But what has been truly remarkable is how Youth Connect has grown so swiftly in the last six-seven months, witnessing staggering numbers – not just for a student-run-initiative – but even for a growing startup.

The following graphic representing Youth Connect’s traffic trends between 2013 and 2014 is proof enough:


Today, Youth Connect is blessed with over 200 interns and campus brand ambassadors across more than 50 top educational institutes of the country; a cozy, tight-knit unit of over 30 writers and editors, and a small core group of full-time hustlers, all working voluntary, gearing up for some exciting new things to come, while doing what they love!

The new home for Youth Connect and the high-capacity infrastructure is just a start.

We are constantly innovating and striving to create new ways, products and services to benefit the youth of today, and we have some great new announcements lined up for the near future.

We are very excited, and I hope you are too.

Rahul Bhagchandani